Eating out

Eating out Mechelen

Fancy a drink or meal on a pavement cafe or do you prefer high-quality gastronomy? Mechelen has what you're looking for, because enjoying food and drink is 2nd nature to the local population. Wander into town and follow the delicious aromas. In addition to numerous regional specialties, exotic flavours also enrich the gastronomy on offer.

Mechelen has four districts where you will find places to eat and drink:

Looking for classic Flemish and Belgian cuisine? Then you should head for the Grote Markt. There are restaurants, brasseries and taverns here, all housed in beautiful old guildhalls or mansions that offer a fantastic decor. The chefs watch over the quality, the St Rumbold's Tower in turn watches over the convivial pavement cafes.

Fans of Mechelen, Italian and world cuisine will find what they are looking for on the Wollemarkt. A relaxed ambience, a playground for the kids and a few old taverns form the typical backdrop of this square. The Nieuwwerk square is a well-kept secret. In the summer it fills up very quickly.

The Vismarkt is by far the most dynamic area in the city. It is a trendy alternative for the more classic Grote Markt. The nonchalant pubs, stylish lounge bars and trendy restaurants is where you will find the young in-crowd in Mechelen.

The station district, with its young and exuberant atmosphere, is the favourite area of the college students. They take their daily bread in the form of chips, kebab and bier in the cafes and pubs between the station, the college and Kardinaal Mercierplein. Furthermore you can enjoy Italian or Chinese food there without having to dig too deep into your pockets.

But there are lots of other restaurants to discover in Mechelen. Ask more information at the Tourist Office or find them at: