Happen en Stappen: Meesterlijk Mechelen

Charming Mechelen, which is located halfway between Antwerp and Brussels, has a lot to offer. Stunning buildings and monuments, charming streets as well as good food. Combine a fascinating walk through the city with some good food and drink during the “Happen en Stappen” route.

Start with coffee and a pastry, en route enjoy a cup of hot steaming soup. The walk ends with a lunch or dinner. Sava and the Het Anker Brewery serve delicious food during the “Meesterlijke Mechelen” route. Decide where you want to start your walk along the route and whether you want to walk in the morning or afternoon.


Happen en Stappen

General information

Minimum number of people: 1

Maximum number of people: na.

Languages spoken: Dutch 

Duration of activity 

Closing period : 22-12 till 2-1; 1st and 2nd Easter day; 19/6 till 21/6;  24/7 till 26/7

Over 2 hrs

Possible:  morning and afternoon 


T +31 886 33 20 00 


City and surroundings