Klimax - An introduction to wall climbing

The mountaineering association Klein-Brabant (BVKB) specialises in several disciplines: sport climbing, rock and mountain climbing, walking and several other outdoor activities.

They organise an introduction to lead climbing and boulder climbing in their  Klimax climbing facility.

For lead climbing you wear a belt that is attached to a rope whereas you do not need any equipment for boulder climbing.



General information

Minimum number of people: /

Maximum number of people: /

Languages spoken: Dutch and French

Duration of activity 

Closing period: July (2 weeks)

Between 1 and 2 hrs or over 2 hrs

Possible: afternoon and evening   


T  +32 3 866 53 92 (>7pm)




C. Verschaevestraat 17, 2870 Breendonk-Puurs