Sense-sational Mechelen

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'Sense-sational Mechelen' is the name of Tourism Mechelen's latest publication. It is a journey through the senses of the city, its sights, sounds and tastes. 

A guide that titillates all the senses is a brand-new concept in Flanders!

It allows you to smell, feel and taste your way through the city independently and at your own pace. Use the map in the middle of the booklet, or choose the chapters you find most interesting.

Read it sitting at a convivial pavement café or as you wander through the city soaking up its various atmospheres. Whatever takes your fancy!

So the guide steeps readers in the real Mechelen and enhances the experience, whether it's the sounds of the carillon, the marvels of nature in Vrijbroek Park or the smell of freshly brewed beer, whether it's the stunning panoramic view from the Skywalk or the unique atmosphere of the historical churches, Kazerne Dossin or the museums.

In the city of the Moon Extinguishers you are spoilt for choice!

Space has been set aside in the booklet for you to make a note of your own experiences: what you hear, taste, feel, smell and see during your visit.

Do that and you'll have your own personal souvenir of sense-sational Mechelen!



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