Shopping Shuttle

Shopping in Mechelen on Saturdays is now easier than ever!

Saturday shoppers who come by car, can use the free and comfortable Shopping Shuttle between the free car parks on the outskirts (P+R De Nekker, Douaneplein and Zandpoortvest 1 & 2) and the shopping centre. 

The Shopping Shuttle travels backwards and forwards between the car parks and the shopping centre every Saturday from 10 to 19.00 hrsAnd on Sundays when the shops are open ('koopzondagen') the buses run from 11 to 19.00 hrs!   

You can get on and off at the following stops: P+R Nekker, P Zandpoortvest 2, P Zandpoortvest 1, Oude Brusselsesteenweg, Ganzendries, Korenmarkt and Vijfhoek.


PLEASE NOTE: the Zandpoortvest 2 car park is being extended and so is closed until 12th of December 2015.


shopping shuttle