Visita guiada Museo Hof van Busleyden

  • From 1/07/2018: Museum Hof van Busleyden

Re-experience life in the Burgundian Netherlands in the Museum Hof van Busleyden, a stately sixteenth-century palace in the centre of Mechelen. Come face to face with historical masterpieces and find out how the influence of Mechelen’s court culture is still tangible and lives on in our vibrant, contemporary city.

Further information

Guided tour: 90 min., € 80/guide + € 9/participant (max. 15 people/guide)


  • From 1/07/2018: Highlights Tour

Haven’t got much time to spare? Take the highlights tour, which explores all the masterpieces in the museum’s collection.

Guided tour: 45 min., € 80/guide + € 9/participant (max. 15 people/guide)



Reservations: using the online application form

Or by e-mail: groups@mechelen.be

More information on booking your visit: +32 70 22 00 08