Guided tour of Museum Hof van Busleyden

Welcome to the Museum Hof van Busleyden! Step into this majestic and magnificent Renaissance palace in Mechelen, the capital of the Burgundian Netherlands. Follow in the footsteps of Hiëronymus van Busleyden, Margaret of Austria, Erasmus and Thomas More. Here they met to exchange ideas and reflect on the changing world of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. An era in which everything changed and in which man was considered the centre of the universe. Now, as then, this palace is a meeting place, where new ideas are bornand art is collected and displayed. The story is far from finished.

Guided tour: 90 min., € 80/guide + € 10/participant (max. 15 people/guide)

Highlights Tour

Haven’t got much time to spare? Take the highlights tour, which explores all the masterpieces in the museum’s collection.

Guided tour: 45 min., € 80/guide + € 10/participant (max. 15 people/guide)

Practical information

Reservations: using the online application form

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More information on booking your visit: + 32 (0)15 29 76 54 


Museum Hof van Busleyden, Sint-Jansstraat 2a, 2800 Mechelen

Opening hours

Monday:10u - 17u

Tuesday: 10u - 17u

Wednesday: gesloten

Thursday: 10u - 22u

Friday:10u - 17u

Saturday:10u - 17u

Sunday:10u - 17u